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Living It Forward™

"Make the Rest of Your Life, the Best of Your Life!™"

LifeSpan Global, Incorporated

"Make the Rest of Your Life, the Best of Your Life!™"

LifeSpan's Mission

Living It Forward

Lifespan Global is unlike anything ever developed. Our mission is to supply the highest quality nutrition for ourselves and the millions of children globally who are going without.

It takes sometimes, our entire LifeSpan, to recognize that, the greatest wealth is your health.  Whether you are 5 or 75 years of age, whether you live in a mansion or a shack, whether you have one dollar or one million dollars in your bank account, being unhealthy-sick-diseased, or having restrictions placed upon your life due to health issues, can be and all consuming challenge, and greatly impact your LifeSpan.

LifeSpan’s mission is to bring our "Living it Forward" program into mainstream society.  By giving freely, daily nourishment is provided to the most needy children, while remunerating a charitable heart to spread the message. Build a healthy life for yourself, and you achieve the fullness life has to offer.

Social Entrepreneurship

The potential is unlimited, as everyone joins, on a no-cost, no minimum basis, no kits to buy, no membership fees, no upfront costs. 

Once you join, simply share the products and share your experience, and watch your community, get healthier and more excited about life.   This approach enables and inspires people to take their passions and enthusiasm for life, and use those experiences to generate income and also create social impact on the world.   This creates an unprecedented synergistic opportunity for global income with global impact!!!

Introducing Ascential Life™ Product Line

LifeSpan Products


Our Comprehensive Nutritional Foundation

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A Gentle Detox

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The Silver Solution

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The Silver Solution

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We had a call this morning from a lady who said, "Omg, this PhytAlive! is much better! Please don't change it." We agree. #phytalive #lifespan

Plaque psoriasis is disappearing after 5 years.  #phytalive! #lifespanglobal Thanks, Jack!

I just had a very sweet young lady tell me the dark circles disappeared under her eyes. When you get the proper nutrition... #PhytAlive!

So, my very good friend, Stu, called the PhytAlive!™ his "Fight" Drink. He has some very serious health issues he has to deal with everyday and is jumping and and down for joy the PhytAlive!™ is back. That made our day around here!