Nearly twenty years ago the WHO/FAO (World Health Organization, Food and Agriculture Organization) Expert Consultation on Diet, Nutrition and the Prevention of Chronic Diseases met in Geneva to examine the science base of the relationship between diet and the major nutrition-related chronic diseases.

Recommendations were made to help prevent death and disability from major nutrition-related chronic diseases and to reduce the economic burden of disease related to obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, cancer, osteoporosis and dental disease. They were based on the examination and analysis of the best available evidence and the collective judgment of a group of experts representing the global scope of WHO’s and FAO’s mandate.

The internet is saturated with statements like the paragraph above… It’s time we took responsibility for our own health.

Whether there is agreement or not, the facts are the facts; even the highest quality supplements are cheaper and certainly healthier than groceries. Think about that all-time favorite, Salmon. Today it would certainly be healthier for you consume high-quality supplements than to settle for a doped up farmed variety. Farmed salmon is raised in a contained environment where they are highly stressed and contain much less of the omega’s we’re seeking and they are considerably higher in toxins.

Farmed salmon has been known to be measurably higher in parasites and bacteria and “artificial additives.” In order to hide the pasty and sickly appearance of farmed salmon meat, the fish are frequently fed a pink pigment to change their tissue color and other additives in an attempt to firm it up. Testing of farmed salmon has shown 16 times more PCB’s and pesticides than wild. On the cost side, wild salmon is noticeably more expensive than Farm raised but I believe offers considerable less health risks and much greater benefits.

It’s my opinion that people generally, don’t pay enough attention to nutrition and have gotten into the habit of taking such poor care of their Health because they have such a dogged faith in the Medical Community to FIX/CURE/HEAL EVERYTHING and… INSURANCE will pay for it!!!

I am unwavering in my conviction that “The Medical Community” is a VITAL necessity for all mankind. But, I do not believe that the Medical Community’s purpose has ever been, nor is now, about PREVENTION. Further, I believe that the entire medical community has been exclusively designed for one purpose – REPAIR… they are purposed for … after the fact!

There are countless articles proving that the root cause of nearly all ailments including Respiratory, Diabetes, CAD, Cancer, Digestion, Obesity, Elimination and a host of others can repeatedly be traced to a buildup of years of Poor Nutrition!

Picture your health this way, “This morning, you didn’t just wake up with Diabetes, CAD, Cancer or being 25 to 40 pounds over your healthy weight! It may have just been discovered, diagnosed or recognized but, the conditions for and resultant affliction began long ago!

Here’s a very current case in point; a very close friend is on Anti-depressants and has Diabetes. He is 150 lbs “+” overweight. He is on Blood Pressure and Blood Thinner Medications. He has had 4 stints inserted in his heart.

He has constant knee and ankle joint pain so bad he takes Vicodin and walks like he just finished riding a horse from Texas to Montana on a Cattle Drive… NON-STOP and, regularly has fluid withdrawn from his knees. He has yoyo sugar cycles causing sufficient ER visits that they know him by his first name. BTW- he loves Beer – Pizza – Hamburgers and Sausage and smokes like a Chimney in the dead of winter but as he says, “I’ve cut down to a pack and a half a day.”

He sees three Medical Doctors, two to three times each month. He’s a good friend and I’ve talked to him about taking care of his health. He says, “I’m doing what my Doctors tell me.” I did not believe him so… recently I drove him to one of his Doctors appointments and went in with him to see the Doctor. As the visit was concluding I politely asked the Doctor, “With all his health problems, do you think it would help if he would lose some weight and change his diet? I have a FDA qualified functional food/meal replacement right here with tremendous nutritive value that I would ‘GIVE’ him, if you think it would help?”

I handed the Doctor a PhytAlive!™ and LifeCoreShake™. He glanced at them, handed them to his nurse and said, “Have you seen these before?” Then before she could answer looked directly at me and said, “I have several patients carrying more weight than him and as long as they take their ‘MEDS,’ they’re doing fine!”

Then he said, “It probably wouldn’t hurt him to lose a ‘FEW’ pounds but “I don’t want him skipping any MEALS.” We left the Doctors office and my friend said, “See, I’m doing fine, let’s get some Pizza and a Beer, I’m buying!” I’m certain that I lost FIVE pounds seething for the next two hours over his Doctors comments!

Friends, Doctors are NOT GOD’S! We need to stop worshiping them and take responsibility for our OWN HEALTH!

There is ample evidence showing that entirely TOO MANY ailments ARE CAUSED by US! The Medical Community DOES NOT nor WILL NOT teach or educate us on Prevention or Nutrition! The Medical Community DOES NOT ACCEPT THAT RESPONSIBILITY! They are generally good people who have gone to schools of higher learning for 8-10 years and more, have great commitment and, have enormous debt. They ALSO have one of the fastest growing and largest businesses anywhere because people are dying to see them. The Medical Community is in the REPAIR BUSINESS and the less we do, the more secure we make their business.

I firmly believe that a major cause of Disease, Illness,  Sickness, Flu’s, Colds, Depression, etc. is POOR NUTRITION! It has been proven to me that when we are in our best possible health, our bodies have the ability to handle almost anything that attacks it!

We are taught that Food Fuels Our Bodies. FOOD DOES NOT FUEL our bodies! In most cases, Food simply adds bulk and satisfies hunger with no relationship to nutrition. I believe, and more and more science is validating, that NUTRITION IS THE ONLY SOURCE OF FUEL for our bodies!

Here’s a simple overview to which most of us can relate:

Nutrition is what the body seeks and hopefully, what’s left after the body breaks down the food you put into it. Imagine if you put Kerosene, Diesel or Oil in your cars “Gasoline” tank. It will be full but it will ruin your engine… if it ran at all! Eating something that tastes good or being full has no connection to nutrition!

It’s my observation that the general public is grossly misinformed when it comes to the relationship between Nutrition and Food… particularly with the amount of GMO’s, Pesticides, Herbicides, Insecticides and plain old fashioned Weed and Soil Killers that are in common use today.

 Eating a meal “DOES NOT MEAN” that you are consuming vital nutrients.

The key to good nutrition, and what’s necessary for a long, healthy and productive life, is eating nutrient dense foods in sufficient quantities … something critical at all stages of life.

The majority of our meals do not contain suitable quantities of nutrient dense foods! Our lifestyles demand high quality supplementation for maximum health and performance!!! Further, numerous studies show an unbalanced consumption of foods high in energy (sugar, starch and/or fat) and low in essential nutrients, directly contributes to artificial energy excesses, overweight, obesity, respiratory and CAD. The amount of nutritional energy consumed in relation to the quality of food is a key factor in nutrition related chronic disease.

Perhaps the most wonderful thing about being healthy… is not worrying about health!  

~Nick Mangeris

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