Network Marketing and Financial Stability in the 21st Century ~by Nick Mangeris

According to Dr. Josephine Gross, Editor in Chief of Network Times, "Network Marketing in the USA has experienced growth for the 6th consecutive year, reaching $36 Billion in retail sales... This exceeded both U.S.A. retail sales and U.S.A. gross domestic sales growth rates."  

All this, while the number of Network Marketers grew from 18 to 20 million (in a Civilian labor force of 160 million=13% of the labor force is in Network Marketing)!!!  Having been active in the Network Marketing profession for nearly forty years, I've watched the tide ebb and flow. The constant during this ebb and flow is that the high tides continues to reach new heights and the low tides are now higher than the highs of yesteryear.  Some say it's a revolution, I say it's an understanding.

With the increase in communications and social media, people are more and more recognizing that lower and middle class wages have not kept and will not keep pace with the hastening growth in costs of living, and if we are to stay level (simply maintain), we cannot rely on our jobs, our bosses or corporations to keep us even.

 For years I was in Corporate America and witnessed firsthand what people are angry about; in part, asking, begging and pleading for raises, better insurances and appropriate benefits. Our tax system is still structured so that corporations and the wealthy appear to be paying some of the highest taxes. But in fact, there are countless loop holes available only to corporations and the wealthy which they use to pay significantly less than their fair share of taxes, it’s outrageous. The ensuing facts are that Corporations and the wealthy continue to build their bank accounts and enrich their portfolios on the backs of the lower and middle classes!

I believe that unless people take it upon themselves to act in a positive manner, within a decade our lockstep middleclass will disappear like the buffalo, making it even easier for the wealthy to gain more control and continue to run-amok.

 A major part of the problem is that many fail to realize that they have a job and that job places them in a subservient situation! They sell their services for a fee. Now some people would have a different word for what's going on but, in fact, people provide a service for a fee and the person providing the service has little to no control how much he/she receives for their service. In the end a job is simply a service for a fee! Thankfully my Mother taught me that charging my life to a job would keep me Just Over Broke.

 It is my observation that this is because we are all taught wrong, right from the very beginning.

We are taught:

  • Go to School
  • Get an Education
  • Get a Boss

In my opinion, only 2/3rd's of that formula is correct. It's the final 3rd that is of concern and also confirmation why Network Marketing is expanding so rapidly. Even "IF" you get a degree in a profession you love... an Engineer, Political Sciences, Law Enforcement, Forestry, Veterinary Sciences, Accountant, Statistics Analyst, Computer Technician, Career Military, Nursing, Educator, etc. someone else always controls your income, vacation, insurance, where and how you live, car you drive, retirement, etc.

I personally know Degreed College Graduates who are BROKE, in debt so deep they need to change their name to Bob because they're constantly are "BOBBING" in water over their head. They have a job but they've turned their own and their family's future over someone else... a BOSS! Finally, and maybe most important, working for someone else, building their dreams and financial security, strangles your creativity and limits your earning capacity to yourself!

The bottom line is that WE, as middle class and below, need to take back control of our lives by making positive changes in our own financial world. We need to reach out and grab life with our own hands and stop trying to fit in to lives designed by someone else.

The Way Out

Earlier I stated, "I WAS in Corporate America." Happily, a number of years ago I made a major decision, to create an additional stream of income through the Network Marketing Profession. Initially, I devoted a few hours a week to earning additional income from home. But after a little less than a year, I was receiving as much from my part time Networking Business as I was from my full-time job! It was at that moment that I sat down with my wife and said, "I want to leave my job and go full time with Network Marketing." She said, "Whatever you do, you'll be successful." I walked away from my full time job and became a full time Network Marketing professional!

Truth be told, I was scared! Most of my family and friends thought I was crazy, lost my mind, made a stupid decision, and more.  After another year, most of them had changed their tune... somewhat. There were still a few who thought Network Marketing was a house of cards, a pyramid scheme or a scam. Well, it's now near 40 years later and I'll let the results speak for themselves.

You probably have an image firmly planted in your mind of what network marketing (also known as direct sales or multilevel marketing) is all about-- something like housewives buying and selling kitchenware while gossiping and eating finger sandwiches, or a fast talking salesperson trying to convince you how easily you can become a millionaire if only you and your friends and their friends would buy and sell supplements with him/her.

These images couldn't be further from the reality of real network marketing.

It's not a hobby nor a get-rich-quick scheme but an opportunity for you to legitimately earn an additional income stream running your own part or full-time business.

Network Marketing has been meticulously tested and retested. Its professional legitimacy has been challenged both legally and morally, and continues to be a proven method for developing a perpetual stream of income. Everyone entering this profession has exactly the same opportunity to earn as much as he/she wants and, as fast as he/she wants. Depending upon the company; Network Marketing is a simple and scalable economic model that permits anyone to generate wealth with a surprisingly low financial outlay. Network Marketing is now fully established as a profession, an extraordinary means for anyone to make a sustainable living while building financial wealth and stability.

I believe that for our middle and lower classes, Network Marketing is the final stronghold or last bastion of unlimited, perpetual financial freedom available! Why? Because research tells us that over 64% of all employees are unhappy and financially insecure. They are looking to increase and/or insure their financial situation and, with the proper Network Marketing company it’s easy and simple to engage, with an unlimited upside! Your "Way Out" to financial stability is to find a Network Marketing company that pays well enough to get you into profit in your first couple of months and not require you to load up a credit card(s) to buy in to those profits!

 Regardless of your age, the reasons to choose a Networking company vs. a part time job working for someone else or spending years going back to school while adding debt to do so, are:

To create an additional stream of unlimited income as opposed to minimum wage – you can create a significant and perpetual income without a boss and job limitations

  1. You don’t have fulfillment or inventory, the company does it for you
  2. You have no overhead or employees to pay
  3. You can build your business when you want, as opposed to a jobs structured hours
  4. Tax advantages
  5. Social advantages – grow your social network, find friends of like mind and create accountability to yourself
  6. Free education in running your own business and in this case, nutritional education. Why wait until you’re sick to find out?

Regardless of what someone tells you or what a company says, "No legitimate company pays 60, 70 and higher percentages to any realistic number of people!" What a company places in writing may show high numbers but, you have to ask:

  1.  What must I DO to receive those SUPER HIGH percentages?
  2. Next, how many people have earned those positions/titles where those percentages are being paid?

The average Networking company pays out a total of about 40/42% on all revenue, which is good, but not great. You want to make sure you find a company that legitimately pays at least 50% back to the field AND, that their percentages are achievable by anyone! When you add this percentage to high quality high repeat products (preferably consumable) and provide a legitimate benefit (value), you remove the biggest barrier to your success in this profession; attrition!

By representing credible products you can make a few hundred dollars profit in your first couple of months, AND you'll have a viable opportunity where you're much more likely to stay with the program! Representing a company that solves these issues will enable you to bring more people in who'll stick with the program and bring you and them the financial security that you have only read about, but is now your and their reality. LifeSpan Global gives you this.  We stand behind every product we produce. What’s on the label is in the bottle and they produce great results!

 What's the Risk?

Whenever you go against the current you are taking a risk, but nothing compared to getting up every day for the next 30 to 40+ yrs with your life in the hands of a Boss. The boss whose job it is to say how much you’re worth, when to wake up and go to sleep, when to show up and what to wear, when to be hungry, when to take a break, when you can go home and when you must come back. Again, it's this economic that created the disparity between our economic classes.

The Key

The Key is finding the right Network Marketing company to join; the company who provides a total solution to your financial challenges through high repeat and consumable products that offer the healthful lifestyle you'll need to enjoy your financial independence... that company is LifeSpan Global, Incorporated. LifeSpan has a legitimate compensation plan (the highest position is achievable by anyone), paying well over 50% of every dollar back to the field and management with over half century successful experience.  LifeSpan has free membership (no kits, dues, or annual fees) and the highest quality products with live home office support.

With LifeSpan, you can safely launch your own global business and receive seamless global earnings. Next, by being in the Wellness Industry, you are not only getting into the fastest growing market in the USA, but you also have the advantage of consuming Functional Food Supplements, Ascential Life™ Oils, Handcrafted Body Bar Soaps and Creams that truly work.  LifeSpan products are NON-GMO, organic, and we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

To learn more about LifeSpan Global, Incorporated, our company, products, and business, please visit Even if you are just looking to improve your health and receive your products for FREE, LifeSpan may be just what the Doctor ordered!

Or, if you just want to earn an extra $400, $1,000 or $5,000 per month to pay some bills or put away a nest egg, LifeSpan's compensation fits your dream. After reviewing our website, please contact us through our Contact Us menu with any questions you may have.

Again, it’s always free to join at LifeSpan, so get started today by “Making the Rest of Your Life, the Best of Your Life”™.  Print off the free Training Manual.  Follow the steps and start being your own boss right now. Someone will be standing by to help you @970-532-2059 M-F 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM Mountain Time.

This is a critical time for you and your family. There are countless reasons to get started NOW! No one knows what political or economic direction our Country will take. You can be a victim or an over comer, it’s your choice and your chance to protect you and your family's health while creating financial stability. It is our constant prayer that all the experts are wrong and that Americans will pull out of our crisis, but if we don’t, we must have something to fall back on while moving forward!

So, begin now... RIGHT NOW! The Choice Is Always Yours!


Nick Mangeris

Professional Network Marketer


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