About Our Ascential Life™ Handcrafted Soaps

Ascential Life Handcrafted Bar Soaps PDF Brochure

Our handcrafted bar soaps are exclusively created with a distinctly Rocky Mountain theme, inspired by our love and respect of organic living and the preservation of our environment.

Using only the highest quality blends of 100% Organic Extra Virgin - olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil and castor oil, unrefined cocoa and shea butter we handcraft a gentle bar of soap with exceptional lathering, moisturizing and cleansing abilities.

We use only vegan oils and Earth's natural colorants in our handmade bars.


We offer a complete line of fine handcrafted soaps so you can pamper yourself

or someone you love today.

Try these healthfully aromatic and amazingly moisturizing bars today.


All products are made with Organic Base Oils, Unrefined Oils, Non-GMO ingredients, and vegan ingredients! There are no parabens or chemicals found in our products, and our Palm Oil is Rainforest Alliance Certified!

We use Pure Essential Oils and Phthalate Free Fragrance Oils, because not only do we want to smell good, we also want to be healthy!