Ascential Life™ Oils

by Nick Mangeris

After a about 40 years in the Nutrition Supplement industry, involving Direct Sales, a number of people have teased me with comments like, "Nick, why oils? Why now?" My response was simple but frank, "I'm a slow learner, but I want to “Make the Rest of my Life, the Best of my Life!™"

I've certainly known about oils, their uses and benefits, for my entire life. Beginning with my Grandmother Yaya (immigrated from Greece) who used several Oils for everything from cooking to cuts, bites, bee stings, burns, orally for sore throats and upset tummies and quite heavily for sacred religious rituals, from topical for blessings to aromatic for prayer and meditation.

She also used them for fragrances that always gave her home that calm and peaceful feeling. I loved the smells when I walked into Yaya and Papou's home for Sunday dinners or when we went for special occasions. Even now, some 70 years later, when I smell certain oils, I'm instantly transported back to Yaya's with a smile on my face and warm, happy heart.

Having started my quest to "Make the Rest of my Life, the Best of my Life!"™ a little over 40 years ago by focusing on diet and more specifically the nutritive value of what I ate, I quickly learned, "Just because I liked...", there was no connection between my tastes and nutritional value. As time passed I added exercise as I could bear it, but wasn't very consistent. Independently, when it came to diet I did pretty good. Growing up with a Mediterranean Diet base, I ate vegetables, fruits, berries, fish and of course being Greek, Lamb (real Lamb, not Mutton), Goulash, Spaghetti and Stews.

Also, even though my first 12 years I lived in the "Government Housing Projects," I helped weeding and harvesting at our neighbors a block away who lived in a house with a big yard, and we grew a some vegetables in our small garden, so I learned to enjoy the value of fresh veggies and good dirt!

But, probably the most important lesson was later in life when I discovered the Value of Nutritional  and particularly in the form of Supplements. This came about as I continued researching and discovering the poor quality of our food, its over-processing, lack of nutrition, processed carbohydrates (sugar, flour  and all the products made from them) and the excess consumption of omega-6 vegetable oils like soybean, corn and sunflower that are found in many processed foods. Couple this with the measurable reduction in our top soils nutritive value and you have a direct connection to the food we eat.

In recent years it's become faddish for companies to jump on the bandwagon of Essential Oils. I was a bit different and frankly, I'm a little late coming to the party. But that's okay; any products that I sell or endorse have certainly been forensically vetted and rest assured that what's on my label "IS IN THE CONTAINER!" I took my time and for a few years did considerable research on "Genuine" Essential Oils (not Oils from people in white coats in a Chemistry Lab). I researched their uses, quantifiable value, testimonials and history. What I found concerned me. So, now that I'm here... the party has changed!

A couple years ago, I went to visit some friends and the minute I walked into their home was instantly overcome by a mind altering smell, an aroma, and immediately I was in a DeLorean and went 60 years, "Back to the Future!" It's wonderful, the impact our sense of smell has on us... I got a smile on my face, felt peaceful and it was at that moment that things got serious!

Following a number of personal inquiries, countless emails, a variety of samples, testing and verification, LifeSpan Global Incorporated is announcing the introduction of overlooked and long forgotten formulas using methods known only to the Masters of the Original Ancient Oil Therapies.

LifeSpan oils are intentionally titled, "Ascential Life Oils!™"  Our proprietary  processing incorporates the mastery of the ancients infused with the known essence of the Earth's Energetic Dimensions. While the appearance of "Ascential Life Oils!™"  seems to be no different from the multitude of common oils available on the market, LifeSpan's confidential energy infusion process resulted in "Ascential Life Oils!™"  having a profound increase in effectiveness. Without getting too procedural, the increased benefits are a direct consequence of the infusion of the Earth's Energetic Dimensions which was practiced by the ancient masters and known to be the basic energy in all living things, particularly the Human Body. The only Oils with the "Energy of Life!"

The Ancient Masters use of "Energy of Life" oils  was well known and sacrosanct long before Biblical times. They were heavily recorded  in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, Sanskrit writings and Chinese manuscripts, where secretly processed and energized plant oils were reserved for High Priests to use on those of a "Higher Order" for spiritual purposes and universally by physicians for healing, thousands of years Before Christ (BC). And even today, Essential oils are still accepted as man’s first known medicine.

Almost 1,000 years before the time of Christ, the ancient masters in world dynasties warred over the lucrative incense market.  Tiglath-Pileser III attacked Gaza in order to control trade along the Incense Route. As an example, among the most prized of the aromatics was Frankincense, famous for conditions ranging from gout, sinus maladies, headaches, moles, skin disorders, depression, breathing disorders, etc.

The caravans, known as “The Frankincense Cartel,” routinely transported this highly prized treasure along the Frankincense Trail, some incorporating 3,000 camels (the Frankincense Trail was a 2,400 mile-long path.

It began in the southern tip of Arabia and wound its way to the coast of Israel. During this and other journey's the "Cartel" would stop at locations now known as the Earth's Chakra points where vortexes/vortices would energize the full spectrum of the Earth's Energies and extend the life and enhancing the potency of their treasures).

Truly, the masters understood the value of "Life in Balance and Harmony" without using artificial magnetic or electric energies. Today LifeSpan Global is integrating this ancient wisdom by merging this knowledge and effectiveness which is decidedly proving beneficial to all life forms, particularly the Human Life.

Long ago, the Ancient Masters discovered that when the Earth's innate resources are precisely united, the resulting transformation could stabilize and even balance the energy fields naturally occurring in the human body; the benefits of which are found exclusively in LifeSpan's "Ascential Life Oils!™"

To reinforce what I was learning, I'll recount a personal episode. Not long ago, my wife was getting sick for no obvious reason. She would have a coughing and sneezing episode, get stuffy, headachy and we had no idea why. At first we thought it was a seasonal allergy flair-up. But a friend of hers told her that her grandson (who was living with them) was getting the same thing. It would come and go and no one knew why; usually staying about three to four weeks. My wife decided to go to the Doctor because it was a dry cough and we got a little concerned about the possibility some lung problems. The Doctor took X-Rays and palpated her back and chest and said that everything was fine.

Then, her friend sat down with her and together they came to the conclusion that it might be the one of those air freshener cubes my wife burns in a little dish (a little aside, when my wife got in the car and travelled for any length of time, the sneezing and coughing stopped... Hmmmm, thank heaven!) We confirmed it by placing a new cube and the bowl and putting it in the bathroom. My wife went in, closed the door and within 3 to 4 minutes went into a coughing spasm that required oxygen from an ambulance! Conclusion, a major allergic reaction whenever she went into a room with a commercial air freshener. Why? We discovered that most are NOT NATURALLY OCCURRING FRAGRANCES! They're laboratory chemicals concocted to give off a specific fragrance!

The next incident is the one that really shocked me. It started when we received a gift, from a well meaning friend, of a couple of scented candles. We had them for a month or so and decided to light one of them. Holy cats, within about 10 minutes my wife began sneezing and said that her throat was itching. I blew out the candle, took it outside and then read the label underneath. The fragrance was chemically manmade. Sadly, we threw both of them in the trash.

I did a little research and discovered that burning that candle was filling our home with manmade chemicals. We were drenching our bodies and inhaling into our vital organs, those chemicals! Within a very short order, I got rid of all the sprays, candles, plug-ins, etc.

Now I'm not a proponent of some peoples philosophies who believe you can simply eat a tomato or apple, increase a vitamin, mineral, drink more water, go alkaline, eat more fruits-berries-veggies OR, rub a few drops on topically, sniff a diffuser, ingest a drop of an oil and major diseases/ailments simply disappear. But, I have seen countless times where a proper combining of the highest quality nutrients has given life to what appeared a near useless shell of a person and, I do believe that where our health is today, right now, is the result... the consequence of what HAS OCCURRED.  

As an example, following our personal experiences with chemical fragrances, I got a new appreciation for Newton's Third Law, "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."  And yes, my wife and I are living proof that it's true!

Taking personal responsibility and being accountable to ourselves and our loved ones for our health, is of paramount importance for a fulfilling life for all concerned. I have a little saying that I've had with me for awhile and it helps keep me on track, "Good Health, Try Living Without It!"™

I think of where most people place their focus; of people whose life ended far too early, what they might have been or done, of those whose life is riddled with sickness, disease, ailments and illnesses. I think of the changes that could have been made that might have improved their lives. I think of the choices we make and where we place value.

Following years of research and rediscovery of some of the secrets of the Ancient Masters, I knew it was time! Time to add "Ascential Life Oils!™"  to everyone's LifeSpan and do it with a innovative business plan that placed life changing health within everyone's reach and, gave everyone THE FINANCIAL BREAK he/she was seeking. The realization that financial security was possible for them!  See here for our very lucrative Pay Plan:

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