Thank you for your interest in LifeSpan Global. Our Premium nutritional supplement formulations are becoming the industry standard and our mission to "Nourish You and  Children Too!™" defines our corporate culture. Your first step is to become a customer for your own good health. Next, as a result of you personally purchasing product(s), for your own good health, you automatically generate life saving nutritional supplementation for  malnourished children at "NO COST", thus by design, Nourish You and Children Too!™

Following are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions presented to LifeSpan before becoming part of LifeSpan or purchasing LifeSpan products. If you do not find the answer to your question below, immediately contact us @ 970-532-2059 - M-F, 9AM to 5PM - Mountain Time for a direct response. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • What is LifeSpan?
  • What is LifeSpan and what is LifeSpan's Mission?
  • What is "Nourish You and Children Too™?"
  • Becoming Part of the LifeSpan Mission
  • How do I become part of LifeSpan?
  • Ordering LifeSpan Products
  • How do I place an order (and get the best prices)?
  • What options do I have when placing an order?
  • What form of payment does LifeSpan accept?
  • If my card is declined or there is a problem, what's the fastest way to resolve an issue?
  • When will my order ship and how can I verify its shipment?
  • Does LifeSpan ship via multiple carriers or express?
  • Can I have my order automatically shipped (Smart Ship) each month?
  • When will my Smart Ship process?
  • Can I place my Smart Ship on hold?
  • Can I change or cancel my "Auto Ship" (Smart Ship) order date?
  • Does LifeSpan have a return or refund policy?
  • I purchased my product from a LifeSpan member, not the Home Office; How do I get a refund?
  • Do my personal purchases count toward (CV) Commission Volume in my downline genealogy?
  • LifeSpan Products Information
  • Why should you add Nutritional Supplements and particularly LifeSpan Nutritional Supplements, to your daily diet?
  • Why the emphasis on Minerals? Why Plant sourced?
  • Shipping Essential Oils

What is LifeSpan and what is LifeSpan's Mission?

Tell me about LifeSpan.

LifeSpan Global Incorporated is a "For Profit, For People™" corporation with a laser focused mission to "Make the Rest of Your Life, the Best of Your Life!"™ while automatically nourishing malnourished children, too. We state up front, "LifeSpan is unique among corporate America; there are no fees, no hidden costs, no inventory packages, no dues, no financial outlay to become a customer/member - no fees to instantly start your own business and no Kits or Packs requiring you to "Load Up" when getting started!

We are located in the Garden Spot of Colorado, at the gateway to the Magnificent Rocky Mountains in the beautiful Town of Berthoud. We chose this location to illustrate our uniqueness in the business profession of Health and Wellness. We do not promote or sell our products ourselves. We follow our motto to, Make the Rest of Your Life, the Best of Your Life!™, by acknowledging, rewarding and compensating every day people, just like you, through our unique business platform in the manner of free products and commissions for creating customers and sharing our overall LifeSpan mission to "Nourish You and Children Too!™."

Our products create a uniformly natural nutritional approach to health and wellness by providing real solutions for real people. Unless you are of celebrity status, have housekeepers, servants and cooks with unlimited budgets you probably are not eating fresh, NON-GMO, chemical FREE food every day 24/7. LifeSpan's nutritional products are enriched with the perfect blends of vitamins, minerals, micro and macro nutrients and antioxidants formulated to nourish and cleanse your body... every day!

Our products are designed to work in a bioavailable harmonious system to achieve a preferred outcome. Whether you are looking to simply feel better, have more energy, look and feel younger, lose weight, sleep better, think clearer or get back your youthful metabolism – LifeSpan has a system that may help you achieve your goal.

What is "Nourish You and Children Too™?"

It generally takes the greater part of our life span to recognize that the greatest wealth is health. Whether you are 5 or 75 years of age, whether you live in a shack, a mansion or on a yacht, whether you have car collections, planes, boats or summer cottages... living with a temporary or permanent illness, sickness, disease or any type of restriction caused by a health issue is a life-consuming challenge.

Modern medicine, in conjunction with solid nutritional science, has concluded that numerous adult health issues can be traced to childhood malnutrition. This is not to suggest that countless adult health issues do not benefit from enriched nutritional supplementation, simply that many adult health issues could have been prevented at very young ages.

As adults we sometimes overlook the fact that even though children are just 12-15% of the current population, they represent 100% of our future. In the United States alone, there are over 13 million children with limited to no access to adequate nutrition. In fact in America, the wealthiest nation on Earth, one in three children is on a federal subsidy program called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). What is even more frightening is the fact that global figures are at impending plague proportions. According to the World Health Organization, "The epidemic of childhood malnutrition is the greatest challenge our world faces." A child dies every 10 seconds from malnutrition... (The Lancet, internationally renowned journal, published a paper saying that more than three million children are dying annually of malnutrition.)

To spearhead a viable solution, Nick Mangeris has created the “Nourish You and Children Too™” program, a life-nourishing program inspired by the wisdom of the Dalai Lama,

 "There are many different kinds of power. True power comes from serving and helping others. Such behavior makes people respect you. They are willing to listen to your views and advice, and they support you. The energy of many people is thus channeled through one person. This kind of power is positive and authentic."

The mission of LifeSpan Global is to support a realistic solution in solving this global plague through the daily activities of its business model.                                                

Becoming Part of LifeSpan Global

How do I become part of LifeSpan?

You have 3 options.

You want to simply “Nourish You and Children, too” and receive reward points toward free product and also share with a few others to maybe do the same. 

You desire to own your own business and share with several people the “Nourish You and Children, too” program and receive reward points and monetary compensation. 

You have a personal desire to simply nourish children.  No reward points or compensation available on this program.

Ordering LifeSpan Products

How do I place an order (and get the best prices)?

In order to accomplish its mission, LifeSpan does not offer its products through highly marked up commercial outlets. They are only available through an Independent Member/Representative or through our Home Office. LifeSpan products are available at member discounts (promoting member - customer retail sales) online directly through our official LifeSpan Global website, the website of the member who referred you or over the phone from our Home Office @ 970-532-2059- M-F, 9AM to 5PM - Mountain Time. LifeSpan products are NOT SOLD in retail outlets.                                       

 What options do I have when placing an order?

  • Order as a Compassionate Guardian: Your personal product cost is a discounted wholesale price where you will receive reward points applicable toward FREE product AND with each product purchase you automatically provide supplemental nutrition for malnourished children.
  • Order as a Business Representative: Your personal product cost is a discounted wholesale price where you can receive reward points applicable toward FREE product, earn unlimited commissions by introducing friends, family and acquaintances nationally and internationally to LifeSpan, all while automatically providing supplemental nutrition for malnourished children.      
  • Order as a Child Guarantor and guarantee a month's supply of premium quality supplemental nutrition for malnourished children. A Child Guarantor is a very special person. One who's interest, in saving a child who is unknown to him/her, is their primary purpose.                                 

What form of payment does LifeSpan accept?

  • Following are the various forms of payment accepted by LifeSpan. All Funds are in U.S. Dollars only.
  • VISA
  • Master Card
  • American Express
  • Certified Cashier's Check
  • Money Orders
  • Personal Checks - U.S. Orders Only

All orders (including foreign countries) must be paid in U.S. Dollars using credit cards, money orders or certified funds.    

If my Card is declined or there is a payment problem, what's the fastest way to resolve an issue?

Please make immediate contact with LifeSpan Customer Support @ 970-532-2059- M-F, 9AM to 5PM Mountain Time. For security purposes payment information cannot be discussed by email.       

When will my order ship and how can I verify its shipment?

All LifeSpan orders ship within 24 to 48 hours from the business day you place your order. Generally, your order will ship USPS Priority (United States Postal Service) to accommodate both physical addresses and post office boxes. Transit time will vary depending on destination and possibly weather, but generally, your order will arrive within (3) three to (5) business days when shipped to the United States. To verify your order, simply enter your TRACKING number @ usps.com or, you may call LifeSpan Customer Support @ 970-532-2059- M-F, 9AM to 5PM Mountain Time and talk with a live person, for further assistance.              

Does LifeSpan ship via multiple carriers or express?

LifeSpan will make every effort to ship via personal preference carrier. 

Can I have my order automatically shipped (LifeSpan "Smart Ship") each month?

Yes. At LifeSpan, we call this a "Smart Ship." It is a common practice for most LifeSpan members to have their product order(s) placed on a recurring monthly shipment or automatically shipped.    This ensures that you will not run out of your supplement(s). You may request your "Smart Ship" to occur every month on one (1) of three (3) dates, the 5th,15th or the 20th of every month.   

When will my Smart Ship process?                  

Your Smart Ship will automatically process on the day you selected for product shipment.  

Can I place my Smart Ship on hold?

We cannot place your Smart Ship on hold. Should you desire to cancel your Smart Ship, simply call LifeSpan Customer Support @ 970-532-2059- M-F, 9AM to 5PM Mountain Time two (2)  business days before your currently set date. When you are ready to resume your Smart Ship simply contact LifeSpan Customer Support.      

Can I change or cancel my Auto Ship (Smart Ship) order date?

Yes. In order to ensure a timely and accurate change to your Smart Ship date, you must call the LifeSpan Home Office two (2) business days before your currently set date. You may cancel your Smart Ship by calling Customer Support two (2) business days before your currently set date @  970-532-2059- M-F, 9AM to 5PM Mountain Time.         

Does LifeSpan have a return or refund policy?

Yes... LifeSpan provides for a 30-day product guarantee on all LifeSpan products. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your product, please contact Customer Support @ 970-532-2059- M-F, 9AM to 5PM Mountain Time for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA).   PLEASE   NOTE: Returning product without a RMA will result in unnecessary delays and potential failure to issue proper credit.   

 I purchased my product from a LifeSpan member, not the Home Office; How do I get a refund?

All LifeSpan members have retail customers. As a retail customer of a LifeSpan member, all returns will need to be handled through the member from whom you purchased your product within 30 days of your purchase. The LifeSpan member will provide you refund your purchase price.                                                                                                                                                    

Do my personal purchases count toward (CV) Commission Volume in my downline genealogy?

No. Personal purchases are referred to as PV, Personal Volume. Personal purchases count  toward Rank and Title qualifications only.   

LifeSpan Product Information

Why should you add nutritional supplements and particularly LifeSpan nutritional supplements, to your daily diet?

At LifeSpan Global, we believe, "A commitment to Good Health is a choice." We also believe in Living It Forward™ through Ben Franklin's adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. While Ben Franklin's wise and well-known axiom is strong in principle, today we rarely see it in practice. We carelessly accept a world where healthcare costs have spiraled out of control, doctors are simply managing symptoms while the reality is that an endless list of ailments, illnesses and diseases have become customary parts of people's everyday lives… that is UNTIL WE become the afflicted one! At LifeSpan, by Living It Forward™, we believe there is another way; the LifeSpan way to Health enrichment and long-term preservation, through high quality nutritional supplementation where your body has the maximum potential to naturally protect and heal itself before you become the afflicted one.

Today, it's universally accepted that heavily industrialized agriculture and over-farming are preventing sufficient nutrient soil recovery and, GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) foods have diminished (in some cases nearly eliminated) the amounts and quality of essential vitamins, minerals, micro and macro nutrients and antioxidants in our store bought food. Some examples include calcium deficiency, known to cause osteoporosis, that lack of iron or Vitamin B12 can cause anemia; additionally new research shows the value of quality vitamins because research studies show that Vitamin D can help protect against colorectal cancers and potentially against autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes and lupus. 

Ongoing research has suggested that diets rich in antioxidants and vitamin E are believed to protect against heart disease and strokes. Viable research continues to prove the value of quality nutrition, while the quality of the food we eat rapidly deteriorates. As a result of these changes and our lifestyle transformations in the way we eat today, LifeSpan believes that nearly everyone needs to supplement their daily diets with the highest quality, most bioavailable essential nutrients... even if they think they are eating a healthy diet. In all too many cases nutritional supplements may not help if they're not taken in the right form; the best example is, "Chewing on a rock and expecting to absorb minerals."

Everyone knows there are countless supplements available; sadly too many of these don’t contain the amounts of the active or bioavailable ingredients shown on the label—meaning you get a seriously reduced amount of the nutrient you're seeking than you thought you were getting and, of those listed on the label, their bioavailability factor is very poor to non-existent. In other supplement formulations, the ingredients are so inferior that they are released much too rapidly or too slowly for maximum absorption benefit. So, once again the full benefit you're paying for and expecting... falls critically short of your heallth needs.

To enjoy maximum benefit from any nutritional supplement, it must be of the highest quality, readily absorbable, simple to take and have guaranteed and consistent potency. While these characteristics should be the standard in all nutritional supplements, this is almost never the case. As the consumer, it is your right to expect the highest quality and consistent potency from your nutritional formulations... LifeSpan provides that QUALITY AND CONSISTENCY!

The prevailing wisdom is that everyone needs nutritional supplements to achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness, and to help their body prevent future ailments, illnesses and  diseases. LifeSpan presents Premium quality formulas designed for Health Care Professionals and Savvy Health Care Consumers, in All Natural Comprehensive foundations of proven ingredients. Our formulations are an intelligent balance of vital ingredients including plant sourced vitamins, minerals, micro and macro nutrients and antioxidants, blended into highly bioavailable formulations to enhance their efficacy.

LifeSpan is proud to publicize that our nutritional supplements are Non-GMO, Herbicide FREE, Pesticide FREE, Insecticide FREE, Chemical FREE and Gluten FREE! The research, development and formulations of which have been proven to produce a natural synergism previously unequaled! LifeSpan's formulations are highly absorbable to ensure you get all the health benefits you deserve. And, they come with a 100 percent money back guarantee.

Since you can't rely on today's produce section of your local market, the government or regulatory agencies to get the healthy nutrition necessary to help you prevent ailments, diseases and illnesses... you need nutritional supplementation from a trusted source; one that cares about your health as much as you do... that source is LifeSpan Global.

Please review each individual product for detailed descriptions...                       

Why the emphasis on Minerals? Why Plant sourced?

At LifeSpan we created the phrase, "Minerals Make the Miracles™." Minerals are simply miraculous in their application to premium quality health! High quality, bioavailable plant sourced Minerals can produce inexplicable, positive changes in human body chemistry! Knowledgeable Nutritionists, Professional Athletes, Weekend Warriors and Dieticians know that Minerals are critical for a healthy body to function at its highest level; they are essential to help in facilitating a multitude of biochemical and physiologic processes necessary for the perpetuation of a healthy life.

LifeSpan Minerals are intentionally "Plant Sourced." Plant Sourced minerals are the purest, most potent and most bioavailable Mother Nature has to offer. Here's how you benefit... Mother Nature created plants to "naturally" absorb nutrients (particularly minerals) from the Earth, for their propagation, development, growth and survival. During Mother Nature's process, each plant "hyper-enriches" itself with the nutrients found in the soil. Next, these plants are then harvested at specific times to maximize the concentration and quality of their mineral content.

With LifeSpan products, if it's on the label, we guarantee it's in the bottle is at the highest potency and bioavailability. LifeSpan uses only legitimate growers who certify their plants are grown without the use of Herbicides, Pesticides or Insecticides and then we process and manufacture with NON- GMO ingredients in a Gluten FREE environment. Each LifeSpan formulation meets rigid quality control standards and we guarantee our results. Our products are NON-GMO, Gluten FREE, Herbicide FREE, Insecticide FREE and Pesticide FREE!   

None of the statements contained in the LifeSpan FAQ data have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. LifeSpan products are not designed to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, illness or ailment.

Shipping Essential Oils

Hazardous materials laws (hazmat) may affect the way some of your oils are shipped.

Many essential oils are considered to be hazardous (mainly because of flammability) and thus require special handling. If you are located within the continental US or Canada and usually choose Ground as your shipping method, this fact will not affect you. The hazardous status of your oils may affect you if you are shipping using an Air method, such as United States Postal Service Priority or 1st Class, International shipping, expedited shipping, and shipments to Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.

These hazardous essential oils can be shipped in the air and outside of the United States when using specific handling guidelines, which we follow. These oils can be shipped via UPS, FedEx or DHL and may be subject to special handling and/or fees if they are in sizes of 1 oz or larger. We do have various ways of repackaging your order to eliminate or reduce these fees. Please note that any oil considered to be hazardous cannot be shipped via United States Postal Service unless it is shipped via Ground Shipments.


For more information please call the home office:  970-532-2059