"If you want to become successful, do what successful people do"

“'If you want to become successful, do what successful people do.'  This quote, recited daily by Nick A. Mangeris is his mantra for success," says Duncan Maxwell Anderson, former editor of Success Magazine in his article on Nick Mangeris.

 Ground-breaking research and continuous innovation have kept Nick Mangeris at the forefront of the wellness industry for nearly 40 years. From the very beginning, LifeSpan Global's visionary, Nick Mangeris, has made it his priority to introduce products that improve our quality of life through natural, healthful means. A few examples of his vision are represented in PhytAlive!™, LifeCore Shake™, ImmuniPro™, LifeCleanse™ nutritional supplements, and Thieves Brew™ an Ascential Life™ Oil. These stand as proven examples of the innovation that Nick strives for each day.

The vision for LifeSpan was created with a purpose much  greater  than any of his previous ventures. Nick's plan creates far more than another product or product line. His plan develops a Global brand and sets an example... a new representation of Total Family Wellness. It begins with Health and expands to Wealth. Living a life that's taken him from Who's He, to Who's Who, from a start up business to Rock Mountain States Entrepreneur of the Year and from Federal Government Housing Projects to Championship Horse Ranching high in the beautiful Rocky Mountains; Nick's heart beats for the average persons dreams and aspiration. His story was truly written by Horatio Alger.

LifeSpan is built on a Global branding whose foundation is ultra premium Health Products. Nick believes that the LifeSpan Global mission adds significance to a healthy life, builds financial security and advances its purpose of Living It Forward, beginning with Healthy Consumers and expanding to the millions of malnourished children.

 Nick's plan organically spreads Wellness and Financial security throughout the entire Global family. He believes that building up an Optimal Level of Wellness is everyone's personal responsibility and further, that constant maintenance is the decisive factor in living a healthy and fulfilling life. Nick expands his beliefs through an understanding that life sustaining nutrition is critical for the best possible health and proper development of everyone, not just those who can afford it. Having traveled to over forty countries, seen the results of gross malnourishment, Nick believes that "Life supporting nutrition is the right of every child." Initially his attention is focused on the near 200 Million undernourished children living in underdeveloped, developing and even developed countries.

"Life sustaining nutrition is the right of every child!"
 Nick Mangeris

To accomplish LifeSpan's mission Quoting Nick, "The largest and most successful companies in the world are exceptionally good at one thing, they build brands awareness. We, the public, then connect that brand with their products. These companies are so good at this, the public actually becomes their sales force and markets their products for them... with no cost to the Company! They can literally put their logo on almost anything and it is passionately accepted. As LifeSpan's purpose gains velocity with its initial products and wealth generating program, it will expand with future lines of premium products. LifeSpan will be a Global trend. The LifeSpan logo will be universally recognized for quality and effectiveness, and our mission will be honored with hope and achievement."

 To build the ideal Lifestyle Company, Nick knew he had to look further than just a product, he had to envision a larger purpose, a deeper cause for what he was doing. Having held a deep love and reverence for all children, Nick focused on the single largest global travesty, 'Childhood Malnutrition.' He knew that the LifeSpan model would have remarkable appeal to all people worldwide because the heart of our philosophy is in the children. As he has revealed his passions for providing FREE supplementation for these undernourished children, nearly everyone has wanted to participate.

How will you make money? “Give away the handle, sell the blades…”

Think of FedEx, Dell Computer, a caterer who opens a deli to bring in potential catering customers…

LifeSpan's business model has evolved from years of Nick's experience. When he explains the goal, business model, recognition and rewards program to others, there is a frequent comment, “In reality, you actually incentivize, pay or reward people for nourishing themselves, family, friends and malnourished children." Predictably, this leads into a conversation which invites further explanation of the LifeSpan model.

Nick explains it this way:

  Incentivize...To cause or action, to stimulate someone to do something for which some form of “payment” is expected. Incentives are generally limited to specific, although infrequent events, contests or competitions which are habitually attainable by only a small number.


 Reward and Recognition...

The reward part of recognition occurs when goals are achieved, values are exemplified, and above and beyond work is present. If LifeSpan had only a few dazzling gems representing goals achieved through incentives, the beads and string that turn those gems into an expressive and beautiful necklace would be all of the countless recognition moments that have taken place along the way. Author Marcus Buckingham explains it beautifully saying, “Excellence is rarely a function of one-off achievement, but rather is a result of repeated practice and incremental improvement. Good managers don’t need reminding of the power of praise. They seem to know instinctively that praise isn’t merely a reaction to great performance; it is the cause of it.”

To further expand on LifeSpan's culture of reward, it's a process of recognition, it is an acknowledgement of each individual’s efforts One person’s “10” might be another’s “7.” Therefore, we praise, acknowledge and reward the effort of the person who has hit their “10” even if they don’t hit the goal thus making multiple rewards achievable for all. What it IS NOT... It is not seen as a competition!

 Nick see's a reward (within the LifeSpan Mission) as the acknowledgment of achievement.  At its heart, it is much more encompassing than an incentive. A reward culture isn’t solely focused on a select few individuals hitting specific goals. Rather, it focuses on noticing the whole who, contribute to a job well done and enjoy the recognition associated.

 Therefore, in the LifeSpan culture, day-to-day efforts are noticed and praised, larger accomplishments are rewarded accordingly, and career achievements are celebrated; all based on the number of people and children helped.

The vision and drive to innovate has shaped everything that Nick and LifeSpan Global creates. Now you can discover the innovation that has become LifeSpan's hallmark by experiencing their products and engaging with LifeSpan Global members —you’re sure to find out what has made their products the best in the business for 25 years! Welcome!