Kimberly Hubartt - Vice President Operations and IT

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Kimberly L. Hubartt: Vice President Operations and IT

Seasoned Executive, Accounting Management, Veteran IT Design and Architecture, Customer Support, Corporate Business Owner and Specialist in Network Marketing Compensation Programs

Kim is a key component to LifeSpan's success blueprint. She is a seasoned executive with a wealth of operating expertise in Nutrition, Health and Wellness, Home Based Businesses, Network Marketing and Personal Care. Having been in the Network Marketing Profession, with Nick Mangeris for the past 10 years, Kim brings the vision and proficiency required to respond to our modern technology and communication needs.

She is a candid champion of "Woman in Leadership." Kim has been a "Pioneer" in the computer industry for over 25 years having been an owner and sole-proprietor and has enjoyed employment in executive management for such recognized names as SBC, Wells Fargo, and Johnson & Johnson.

Kim is well versed in all areas of project development and implementation of state of the art IT and communications systems. As a seasoned IT veteran with more than 25 years management experience, Kim excels in her the ability to evaluate, design, and provide solutions to business needs with computer technologies. She brings excellent skills in installation, maintenance, and support of server and network equipment while also being able to work with customers in planning and organizing.

She directs LifeSpan's technology initiative at the office headquarters with an eye toward innovation, simplicity, and eco-responsibility. Having formally developed strategies and successfully led projects under the supervision of Corporate Board of Directors, Kim feels her real strengths are exposed when working on customer service.

Kim is passionate about helping people in the field. Through her passion and commitment, Kim is proud to recommend people a true opportunity to build a personal business they can count on for the rest of their life span.

As a proud Mother and Grandmother, Kim sums up her relationship with LifeSpan, its mission to "Nourish You and a Child Too!™"and all members this way, "I see an element of LifeSpan as an empowerment for all women around the globe: to be thankful for their skills, to recognize the significance of the contributions they make to their families and their environment, and to expand their influence and impact. Their compelling effect will begin in their home, develop to benefit their local and regional communities and swell to embrace our entire global community. Through LifeSpan, women around the globe will be a force for positive change in their homes, villages, towns and cities.

The need and the opportunity has never been greater to support and nurture "Women in Leadership."