Pre-Launch Special!

We're back!

 By Popular Demand.


Over the past couple years , we've had hundreds of calls, some even calling weekly wanting to know where they could get LifeSpan Products and when we'd bring them back.

So, whether you previously purchased just one time or, were on a monthly Smart-Ship, "We're Back, and Available Immediately!" and, you and all our previous customers are being given first choice to get started NOW!

During these past couple years, we've spent countless hours with some of the country's finest nutritional formulators putting all of our products into a powder form. WHY??? Because the only complaints we received were the variations in thickness and taste, high cost of shipping water, having to refrigerate and NOW, none of these are a problem with our new products. Next, we have removed the liquid preservatives and elements that were required to keep the formula in suspension. So, we ended up with a higher quality, more potent, more stable and more user friendly product... all with the improved bioavailability!

We have also added new products!  Take a moment to look at:

LifeCore™Shake, LifeCleanze™and ImmuniPro™.  Our products provide a firm foundation toward better health for you and your family.  For example, when combining PhytAlive™ and LifeCore™ Shake it becomes a functional whole food meal replacement chock full of nutrition!  These products are also included in the Pre-Launch so get yours today while this sale lasts!


For a short time we have a Pre-Launch... re-introductory price...
1 Canister = $44.95
1 Canister on monthly Smart-Ship = $39.95
2 or more Canisters per order = $39.95 (2 Canisters per order, not required to be on monthly Smart-Ship) **To obtain your discount off 2 bottles, be sure to enter 10off in the shopping cart!

Since this "Pre-Launch" special will only be available for a short time, please keep track of everyone you refer and, at the conclusion of our "Pre-Launch" special, we will place them in your genealogy for future commission payout's.

Immediately head over to our (under construction) website @  and get yours today! OR, call our Home Office @ 970-532-2059 if you have any questions.

Hours:  M-F 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM MT

PH:  970-532-2059

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 Welcome back...

Nick and Kim