Policies and Procedures

LifeSpan Global Incorporated


Official Policies and Procedures

January 2017

LifeSpan encourages and supports the retail sales, personal use and sharing of its products through Independent Members all over the Globe. We provide our Members extraordinarily high quality products beginning with a line of  life enriching Functional Foods and expanding through vital Nutritional Supplementation, Ascential Oils, Ascential Oil Body Soaps, Ascential Oil Body Lotions and Creams, etc. and a financially lucrative rewards program with Home Office support staff second to none. It is unique in the deployment of "Network, Affiliate and Team Marketing", herein after referred to as the Perpetual Earnings Program (PEP).  LifeSpan products and rewards program provide an opportunity for Customers and Members to improve the quality of their personal lives while nourishing the lives of Malnourished Children around the Globe.

 Unlike most business opportunities, Members bare no financial risk, as no minimum capital investment is necessary and the Company provides a liberal buy back policy. It is important to recognize that while LifeSpan's business opportunity provides huge potential, we make no representation/guarantee that any Member/Customer will achieve any degree of financial success, without personal effort or by relying solely on the hard work of others. Further, LifeSpan states and Members/Customers agree that no Customer, Consumer, Member is being diagnosed or treated for any disease, ailment or illness in the consumption or our products.

 All rewards in the LifeSpan PEP are based upon the sale and consumption of its products. A Member/Customer has the legal status of an Independent Contractor, whose success or failure depends entirely on his or her personal efforts. The basic goal of LifeSpan's Reward Program (PEP) is to promote the Company’s mission and its high quality products to consumers and subsequent FREE distribution of our (Youth Essential Supplement) Y.E.S. Program™ to Malnourished Children.

 The principal purpose of LifeSpan Members/Customers is to build a sharing and sales organization for the specific outcome of promoting the sale and use of LifeSpan's products to consumers while providing FREE distribution of our Y.E.S. Program™ to Malnourished Children.

 As outlined in the PEP, LifeSpan encourages all Members/Customers to make retail sales each month and keep records of such sales. Further, as LifeSpan offers sales, marketing, financial and product training conference calls and meetings, we encourage you to expand your awareness and share this information with your own personal retail customers while promoting and supporting others to sell retail.

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